• Hoang Thanh Tung Associate Professor Ph.D
  • Nguyen Dieu Huong Newton Grammar School
Keywords: Factors affect, Travel, Intention to travel, After Covid-19 pandemic, Hanoi


The article studies the factors that affect the intention to travel after the Covid-19 pandemic of Hanoi citizens. The research team uses a model of factors that affects the travel intention of people in Hanoi city after the Covid-19 pandemic, including (1) Attitude, (2) Social influence, (3) Image of Destination, (4) Risk perception, (5) Trip expenses, (6) Propulsion. With 303 participants in the survey, the research results show that the factor "The influence of propulsion" had the largest average score (3.99), indicating that the motivation of desire to relax and explore are vital factors that affect the travel intention of Hanoi people after the Covid-19 epidemic. The factor "Effect of perception of risk" has the lowest score (3.56) but shows some concerns such as weather forecasting, trip expenses' estimation, transportation problems, inadequate information, epidemic prevention, and food safety issues, which will not hinder people's intention to travel. That partly shows that Vietnam's tourism industry has been invested, cared for, and is on the way to development in recent years. From the research results, within the framework of the article, the research team also proposed some measures to stimulate tourism demand after the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Author Biography

Hoang Thanh Tung, Associate Professor Ph.D

University of Labour & Social Affairs


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