Greetings from GPH-International Journals!

We are delighted to introduce our distinctive journal, the GPH - International Journal of Business Management. As a burgeoning publication, we specialize in disseminating cutting-edge research within the realm of business management. Distinguished by its commitment to openness, our journal operates on an open-access platform, ensuring accessibility to valuable insights for a diverse audience.

Published on a monthly basis, the GPH - International Journal of Business Management is a dedicated forum for scholarly discourse in the fields of business management. Our scope encompasses a wide array of subjects, including but not limited to HR management, financial management, resource management, supply and chain management, accounting, and more. We take pride in providing a comprehensive platform that welcomes and supports contributions across various facets of the business landscape.

At GPH-International Journals, we recognize the pivotal role that research plays in advancing knowledge and understanding. Therefore, our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for scholarly discussions remains unwavering. We invite and encourage the submission of articles that delve into the intricacies of business management, contributing to the intellectual tapestry of our journal.

Thank you for considering GPH - International Journal of Business Management as your preferred avenue for scholarly publication. We look forward to the privilege of showcasing your valuable contributions to the global academic community.


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