• Thi Dung Mai University of Labor and Social Affairs
  • Diem Quynh Chau Tran Le Khiet High School for the Gifted
Keywords: FDI, Green FDI, Vietnam, current situation, solutions


Green growth is currently a prevailing trend in the global economic landscape. As a developing nation, Vietnam's goal of attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is focused on various sectors, including high technology, innovation, research and development, green economy, digital economy, circular economy, and clean energy. This trend, along with practical challenges that have arisen over the 35 years of FDI attraction in Vietnam, has been incorporated into numerous policies and national strategies related to green growth and climate change adaptation. This article analyzes the concept, necessity, and content of attracting green FDI, as well as the current situation of attracting both FDI and green FDI in Vietnam. It does so from two perspectives: (i) FDI projects in environmental products and services, and (ii) FDI projects utilizing clean energy or having low energy consumption. Based on this analysis, the authors propose several solutions to enhance the effectiveness of attracting green FDI in Vietnam.


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