Enhancing the Decisions of the Ministry of Water Resources in Iraq: The Role of Human Resources and Technology

  • Ahmad khalaf banyan jinan university of Lebanon
  • Abdallah rizk jinan university of Lebanon



Email communication in the administrative field represents an essential means for making sound administrative decisions. It is a necessity for achieving individual collaboration (fahmi&ali, 2022). Continuous interaction with the institutional environment, where challenges are significant, such as competition and change, has become a part of customers' work styles and trends today. Technological changes lead successful organizations to make changes in their administrative processes to adapt to the environment (putra&ali, 2022). As change and development occur permanently, there is a need for new communication and development methods (Haitao, 2021) to increase efficiency, effectiveness, success, and organizational development. Today, electronic communications are one of the important and indispensable resources for making administrative decisions. The communication process is closely related in human interaction to achieve communication, transfer, and exchange of information, events, and experiences.


Electronic communications are considered essential within the organization. Instructions and guidance cannot be conveyed and passed to employees effectively without a proper network. An efficient network helps employees understand and comprehend their rights, duties, and roles, increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the organization (Lertpiromsuk, 2022). The communication process in administrative departments is like a thread that connects different departments and serves as a means of direction and connection between employees in public and private institutions (Chelladurai, & Kim, 2022).


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