Effect Type and Dosage of Bokashion the Content of C, N, P, and K in Alluvial Soil

  • Roro Kesumaningwati Soil Science Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Mulawarman University, Samarinda
  • . Zulkarnain Soil Science Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Mulawarman University, Samarinda
  • Imam Fauzi Soil Science Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Mulawarman University, Samarinda
Keywords: Type And Dosage of Bokashi, Content of C, N, P, K, Alluvial Soil.


The utilization of dry land is one alternative that can be used to increase national agricultural production, but the productivity of dry land is generally low due to low fertility levels. Efforts to increase the productivity of agricultural land can be made, one of which is by providing organic fertilizer. The research objectives were: (1) to determine the content of C, N, P, and K elements in quail manure bokashi and pineapple skin bokashi; (2) to determine the impact of giving these two bokashi on the content of C- organic, N-total, P-available, and K-available after incubation for 3, 6 and 9 weeks. The research was carried out from January to March 2023 in Samboja District, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan Province. This research was conducted using a quantitative descriptive method consisting of 7 treatments and 3 repetitions, namely as follows: p0 = control; p1 = bokashi of quail manure 50 g polybag-1; p2 = bokashi of quail manure 100 g polybag-1; p3 = bokashi of quail manure 150 g polybag-1; p4 = bokashi of pineapple skin 50 g polybag-1; p5 = bokashi of pineapple skin 100 g polybag-1; and p6 = bokashi of pineapple skin 150 g polybag-1. The research results show that: (1) The bokashi of quail manurefertilizer content is: 32.29% C-Organic; 3.19%, N-total; C/N ratio 10.12; 41.68 ppm P-available; and 62.63 ppm K-available; The bokashi of pineapple skin fertilizer content is: 33.15% C-organic; 1.61% N-total; C/N ratio 20.59; 33.37 ppm P- available; and 44.38 ppm K-available; (2) applying quail manure bokashi fertilizer to alluvial soil can improve the soil nutrient content C-Organic, N, P, and K better than pineapple skin bokashi fertilizer; and (3) a good incubation period for bokashi fertilizer is 6 weeks.


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