The Developing Model of Digital Leadership for a Successful Digital Transformation

  • Dr. Chaiyaset Promsri
Keywords: Leadership, Leaders, Digital leadership, Digital leaders, Digital transformation


The purpose of this study was to analyze digital leader characteristics from related digital leadership articles on the Internet and developqualities of a digital leader model. Google was utilized as a search engine tool for data collection. Key words such as digital leadership, digital leaders, characteristics of digital leaders, qualities of digital leaders, traits of digital leaders, leadership traits for digital transformation success, and leadership skill for digital transformation were included for the search on the Internet. Content analysis with the synthesis matrix methods with the congruence index of sources technique was employed. The consistency of key components from at least four sources was required for further model development. Results of this study found 64 qualities of digital leaders retrieved from 12 sources of 11 websites. These characteristics were synthesized and analyzed by using the congruence index criterion in which at least four sources were required for the finalized traits of a digital leader. Findings demonstrated that six characteristics of digital leaders met this criterion, which included digital knowledge and literacy, vision, customer focus, agility, risk-talking (experimental atmosphere creation), and collaboration. These qualities were employed to create a model called “Six Characteristics of a Digital Leader for Digital Transformation Success.”



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Author Biography

Dr. Chaiyaset Promsri

Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand


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