Institutional Support for Dairying in India

  • Karibasavaiah H S Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Pallavai S Kusugal Assistant Professor,
Keywords: Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Employment, Income


Animal husbandry is one of the prominent livelihoods for the rural population in India. Dairying, as a part of animal husbandry is one of the best sources of income and employment to the people male, female and even children’s of the family involving in it. Animal husbandry, especially dairying has gained much attention from the various institutions in India. Ministry of Animal Husbandry at the central level and state level, the National Diary Development Board is the prominent institutions which are relentlessly supporting the area after considering dairying is very important to eradicate unemployment in the rural area and increase the purchasing power of the rural people. National Dairy Cooperatives, AMUL and other private sector initiative’s also playing a yeoman’s role in promoting dairy in India. The present paper discusses the role various institutions in the  development of dairy in India and suggests that as income of the people, food habits are changing, it is time to boost the sector with the use of new technologies available in the field and dairying must be made very part of life of the people who live in rural and semi-urban areas.


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Author Biographies

Karibasavaiah H S, Assistant Professor

Department of Studies and Research in Economics, Tumkur University, Tumakuru, Karnataka.

Dr. Pallavai S Kusugal, Assistant Professor,

Department of Studies and Research in Economics, Tumkur University, Tumakuru, Karnataka.


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