• BIOKORO, Beauty Ogharen Department of Educational Management and Foundations
  • OBATA, Rita Obiageli Department of Educational Management and Foundations
  • GHAVWAN, Okeoghene Ogheneruemu Asaba Mixed Secondary School
Keywords: Feminism, Girl-Child, Women, Perspective


The study is on the perspective of feminism on the girl-child and women in Delta State, Nigeria. Woman and the girl child passed through many problems, obstacles and barriers to become an important member in the society. In the past, woman did not have any kind of rights, she was isolated, neglected and mistreated by man. By the coming of Feminism, the profile and the image woman have changed completely and from being a poppet in the hands of man she becomes a queen, president, artist and teacher…This paper examines the wishes, dreams and the ability of woman to change her position in the society not just as being a daughter, wife or a mother but rather as normal citizen with regular rights and duties. This paper produces a number of key findings that confirmed a significant development of woman participation in different in the society. The main conclusion drawn from this paper is that the Feminist efforts were efficient in many ways in which they brought a huge change in the position and the role of woman. They were able to remove the majority if not all the stereotypical pictures and to give her more importance in the society by giving her the political, social and economical rights.


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Ogharen, B., Obiageli, O., & Ogheneruemu, G. (2023). PERSPECTIVE OF FEMINISM ON THE GIRL-CHILD AND WOMEN EDUCATION IN DELTA STATE, NIGERIA. GPH-International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research, 6(09), 44-54.