The Office culture at Nghi Son Vocational College Thanh Hoa province of Vietnam

  • Thi Huyen Nguyen
  • Doan Van Truong Ph.D of Sociology
Keywords: Office culture, College, ethics, standards, Thanh Hoa


Office culture is a synthesis of a system of material and spiritual values, a result of human creativity and intelligence, expressing the state nature and national identity of each country in the world. each historical period. Office culture is considered as a specific form of social culture including the totality of values, standards, and ways of behaving in office activities that members of the office acknowledge and follow to behave with each other within the workplace and to serve society. Moral values, ethical standards in behavior between people; behavior between people, and work is influenced from many directions, from the reverse side of the market mechanism. The pragmatic, selfish lifestyle, pursuing personal interests, local interests, and group interests has had a strong impact on all social relations. Facing the temptation of interests, many officials and public servants have weakened the people's trust. However, the implementation of workplace culture in vocational education institutions is not synchronized, still at different levels. Therefore, building an office culture at the agency is increasingly solid, completing tasks, constantly improving the cultural life for officials, employees, and employees of each agency and unit.


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Author Biographies

Thi Huyen Nguyen

Nghi Son Vocational College - Thanh Hoa, Vietnam.

Doan Van Truong, Ph.D of Sociology

Vice Dean, Faculty of Culture - Social

Head of Department Social Work 

Thanh Hoa University of Culture, Sports and Tourism (TUCST)

561 Quang Trung 3 Str, Dong Ve ward, Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam


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