• GPH-International Journal of Applied Management Science
    Vol 4 No 09 (2023)

    Dear Researchers, Academicians, and Industry Practitioners,

    We are delighted to present the latest issue of GPH-International Journal of Applied Management Science, dedicated to advancing knowledge and insights in the dynamic field of applied management. This issue features a diverse array of research articles and scholarly contributions that span the realms of business strategy, organizational behavior, and innovative management practices.

    Highlights of Volume 04, Issue 09:

    1. Strategic Innovations in Business Leadership: Explore cutting-edge strategies employed by industry leaders to navigate the evolving business landscape.
    2. Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Delve into research that examines the intersection of corporate success and responsible business practices.
    3. Digital Transformation in Management: Uncover the transformative impact of digital technologies on contemporary management processes.
    4. Case Studies in Effective Decision-Making: Real-world cases illustrating successful decision-making processes across various industries.

    As Editor-in-Chief, I am proud to witness the continued growth of our journal as a platform for rigorous academic discourse. The contributions within this issue exemplify the commitment to excellence that defines GPH-International Journal of Applied Management Science.

    We extend our gratitude to the authors, reviewers, and editorial team for their dedication in maintaining the highest standards of scholarly publishing. Your support fuels our mission to foster intellectual dialogue and contribute to the advancement of applied management science.

    For inquiries or to submit your work for future issues, please contact us at editor@gphjournal.org.

    Warm regards,

    Editor-in-Chief GPH-International Journal of Applied Management Science Email: editor@gphjournal.org