Effect of Sitting and Supine Position on Measuring Blood Pressure among Healthy Students Faculty of Nursing Shendi University2017

  • Higazi Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah Associate professor
Keywords: blood pressure, position, adult, healthy


Background: Blood pressure is commonly measured in the seated or supine position; however, the two positions give different measurement values. With that in mind, any time a value is recorded, body position should also be recorded(2).
AIM: - The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of sitting and supine position on measuring blood pressure for healthy adult students.
Method: - Comparative analytical study done during the period from March to June 2017 from Faculty of nursing science .A total of 205 healthy young students measured by stratified simple random sampling by toys whom had accepted to participate in the study. In all subjects the blood pressure was measured subsequently in two positions: Sitting then supine, with the arm supported at the elbow and the cuff at the heart level. The data was analyzed by (SPSS), and presented in forms of tables and figures.
Result: - The blood pressure tended to drop in the setting position compared with the supine. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure was the highest in supine position (120/74 mm/hg) when compared the setting positions (116.2/74.5 mm/hg).SBP reading range from (0-4 mm/Hg) while in DBP was range from (0-0.5 mm/Hg). All blood pressure measurement in supine and setting position was not statistically significant with age.
Recommendation: -The study recommended that: suggested to use supine position when measuring blood pressure if there is not contraindicated, The nurses and other health worker personnel have to be document site of measuring blood pressure, and The study have to be done in large population to give scientifically evidence.

Key words: - blood pressure – position - –


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Author Biography

Higazi Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah, Associate professor

medical surgical nursing- Shendi university


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