The Modeling and Analysis of the Interaction Between Domestic Workers and Foreign and Overseas Workers: A Competing Species Model

  • Art Kazmierczak T. H. E. Institute
Keywords: Foreign workers, domestic workers, overseas workers, competing species model, equilibrium solutions, stability at equilibrium solutions


Business is the very heart of the free enterprise system. Anything that affects the ability of businesses to make a reasonable profit is of some concern. One of the factors that affect the profitability of a business is the cost of its workforce. In recent years some businesses have turned to hire foreign workers over domestic workers to keep their costs down. The business has also turned to ship many jobs to overseas workers. This practice can have an effect on the local, state and national level. In this paper, we present a dynamic model of the interaction between domestic worker and domestic and overseas worker populations. The formulation is based on models of interactions between competitive species type dynamics. An exploration of the long-term dynamics and stability of homogeneous equilibrium solutions and their stability is given.

Mathematics subject classification: 62J12, 62G99

Computing Classification: I.4


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