Our Perfect Brief Journey with Perfect Numbers

  • Francesca Henriquez
  • Mulatu Lemma Professor
Keywords: Prime Numbers, Perfect Numbers, Triangular Numbers, Natural Numbers, Pascal’s Triangle, Binomial Coefficient, Combination, Figurate Number


Perfect numbers have been a fascination of mathematicians for centuries. This is due to their realization of the pattern and properties that create the numbers 6, 28, 496, and 8128. These numbers are known as perfect numbers for being the sum of their factors, also known as its proper positive divisors. In this paper we will dive into the history of perfect numbers, as well as its properties, theorems, and proofs for which all play an important role in the theory of even perfect numbers.


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Author Biographies

Francesca Henriquez

Department of Mathematics Savannah State University USA

Mulatu Lemma, Professor

Department of Mathematics

College of Science and Technology

Savannah State University USA


Kimberly Jones, Stephanie Parker, Mulatu Lemma, the Mathematical Magic of Perfect Number: Georgia Journal of Science

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Henriquez, F., & Lemma, M. (2021). Our Perfect Brief Journey with Perfect Numbers. GPH - International Journal of Mathematics, 4(01), 01-10. Retrieved from https://gphjournal.org/index.php/m/article/view/343

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