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In our tertiary institutions, we are confronted daily with series of problems which hinge on inappropriate sexual behaviours. It is for this very reason that all most if not all tertiary institutions in Nigeria have adopted as a precautionary measure a dress code to curb this virus that is gradually and consistently eating deep into the fabrics of academic excellence in our tertiary institutions. Although the adoption of dress code helps, yet it has not actually addressed the root of the problem. This is because the problem of sexual misbehaviours in our tertiary institutions requires more proactive measures than just a mere proscription of dress codes. For this reason, the paper using historical and expository methods, examines the basic concept of sex or sexuality education and all it holds for a viral education in Nigeria. The paper therefore, calls for a re-orientation of values as well as introduction of a realistic and comprehensive sex education programme for our youths in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria in order to restore our cherished moral values.</p> 2022-07-24T10:37:53+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Variety of Biofuels as Future Fuels (Environmentally Friendly Fuels) 2022-07-25T08:01:22+00:00 Ice Fahmi Nugroho AdiSasongko Donny Yoesgiantoro <p>At this time human life cannot be separated from the use of fossil oil energy, where almost every line of life cannot be separated from use of fossil oil. Both for transportation facilities, whether it's land, sea, or air transportation, we have realized that the availability of fuel from fossil materials is running low, so there is a need for alternative materials to replace fossil fuels because the consumption of fuel oil continues to increase from time to time. availability of oil supply from fossil availability the rest is limited, and Indonesia's oil shortage is a real possibility. As a result, Indonesia has to import crude oil and petroleum for raw materials for refineries. Products that meet energy demand in the community. On the other hand, Indonesia has great potential. The possibility of biomass or renewable resources being used as biofuel for biodiesel and bioethanol (ethanol) where the raw materials for these fuel products are available and can be renewable. Therefore, energy diversification To reduce oil, biofuels need to be introduced as an alternative to oil consumption, especially in the transportation sector. As a result, the land is needed to grow palm oil for the supply of biodiesel feedstock and its surroundings. We grow cassava and provide the raw material for bioethanol. The goal is to challenge the use of biofuels as a pioneer for alternative energy materials. So that in the future it is possible that the use of biofuels is the main fuel because in addition level of COpollution<sup>2 </sup>to the minimal, oil palm plantations with a 30-year plant renewal cycle are the lungs of the world that can absorb CO <sup>2</sup>, so it can be ascertained that the use of This alternative biofuel fuel is the right fuel.</p> 2022-07-25T07:16:16+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## AN EVALUATION OF JOHN LOCKE’S CONCEPT OF TABULA RASA IN THE LIGHT OF PLATO’S THEORY OF FORMS AND ITS RELEVANCE FOR POST-CONTEMPORARY PHILOSOPHY 2022-07-26T09:43:46+00:00 Elias Ifeanyi E. Uzoigwe <p>The study aims at evaluating John Locke’s concept of <em>tabula rasa</em> in the light of Plato’s theory of Forms and find out how it contributes to post-contemporary philosophy. &nbsp;Plato’s theory of Forms is the fulcrum upon which his entire epistemological theory revolves. Locke’s concept of <em>tabula rasa</em> is the launch pad of his epistemic exploits. It is Plato’s position that the Forms of the good, beauty, justice, are eternal essences or immutable patterns from where the particular visible instances derive their limited measures of these essences. These Forms, in Plato’s understanding, can be known through the abstractive process of the mind. Locke did not subscribe to the idea of the Forms. He argues that knowledge is derived through sensation and reflection. For Locke, there is nothing in the intellect that was not originally in the senses. Rejecting the idea of <em>innatism</em> with his concept of <em>tabula rasa</em>, Locke argues against Plato’s view that the human mind knows. It is Locke’s position that all ideas derive from sense experience. For him, there are no innate ideas and ideal world is simply a figment of imagination worth casting into flames. At birth, there is no idea in the human mind, and only experience writes ideas on the mind, argues Locke. Plato holds that the human mind knows and only recollects which he technically describes as reminiscence. The counter positions of scholars to the positions of their predecessors just as Locke did to the Forms and innate ideas espoused by Plato is what this paper construes as epistemic resourcefulness and epistemic creativity<em>, </em>which is for the advancement of post-contemporary philosophy. Research methods adopted in this work include: analytic, conceptual, contextual, textual and historical.</p> 2022-07-26T09:42:35+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A SYNTHESIS OF THE RATIONALIST IDEAS OF PLATO, DESCARTES, SPINOZA, AND LEIBNIZ AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR 21ST CENTURY PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSE 2022-07-26T10:10:01+00:00 Elias Ifeanyi E. Uzoigwe <p>In synthesizing the rationalist postulates of Plato, Descartes, Spinoza, and Leibniz, this study seeks to make evident those features that are common to these rationalist philosophers as well as their peculiarities and diversities as independent thinkers. The paper also tries to show the implications of these rationalist ideas for 21st century philosophical discourse. Rationalist epistemology, which came into prominence with the arrival of Rene Descartes to the epistemological rostrum, has been there right from the classical era. Though Plato is not a continental rationalist, he is construed in this research as a ‘charter member’ of the rationalist school of thought. Some of the fundamental features of the rationalists which include the preeminence of reason over and above sense experience, the idea of innatism, intuition, and the indispensable role of the human mind in acquisition of knowledge are all identified in Plato’s epistemic exploits. It is striking that though the rationalists have some features common to them, there also exist areas of epistemic divergence and peculiarities in the manner they conducted their independent debates. This has been construed as a problem by some scholars; however, this work conceives it as epistemic advancement and consolidation. Critical analysis is chiefly the research method employed in this study.</p> 2022-07-26T10:03:49+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A PHILOSOPHICAL EXAMINATION OF THE CONCEPT AND NATURE OF INFIDELITY IN MARRIAGE AS A SOCIO-ETHICAL ISSUE IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY 2022-07-26T10:28:52+00:00 Chikwado Ejeh Paulinus <p>Marriage is a product of both tradition and culture. In the African tradition, marriage is considered a sacred union due to its contributions and role in the society. For this reason, marital vows which include faithfulness or fidelity to one’s spouse are inviolable because infidelity undermines the very foundation of marriage and family in many ways. &nbsp;Unfortunately, the very bond (fidelity/faithfulness) that unites and strengthens marriage and family has been undermined. Today, almost every family in our contemporary society suffers from the consequences of the breach of marital vows otherwise known as infidelity. Against this background therefore, this paper attempts a critical examination of infidelity in marriage as a socio-ethical issue in our contemporary society. By engaging the analytic and historical methods of analysis, the paper discovers that infidelity is present in nearly all marriages in our contemporary society and that the concept is not limited to just men, as women both young and old are closing in on their male counterparts in its frequency. The paper then argues that infidelity is indeed a moral as well as a social problem that has devastating long-term consequences on both the spouse and the society at large. Hence, the paper advocates for proactive measures or mechanisms that should be instituted by the government to check-mate the incidents of infidelity in marriage.</p> 2022-07-26T10:25:57+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ETHICS AND EDUCATION: TOWARDS A REORIENTATION OF VALUES IN TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS IN NIGERIA 2022-07-26T10:46:59+00:00 Chikwado Ejeh Paulinus <p>Moral maturity is a mark of human development and the moral development of the citizens of every nation must precede other aspects of development otherwise the process of development would be obstructed by immorality of the citizens. In the same vein, any education that is devoid of morality is incomplete, meaningless and harmful to both the individuals who acquire it and the society in which they live. This paper is therefore, a critical examination of the role of ethics or morality in education. Through the historical and analytical methods, the paper discovers that there is presently a dearth of moral probity in our educational system. It then advocates for a re-orientation of values in our tertiary institutions through a re-introduction of moral education in the teaching curriculum of every tertiary institutions in Nigeria. &nbsp;The paper recommends that Nigeria should get her priorities right by giving primacy to morality in her educational and developmental programmes.</p> 2022-07-26T10:46:59+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## VISITOR ATRACTION MARKETING ATTRIBUTES AND TOURISTS’ BEHAVIOURAL INTENTIONS TOWARDS THE GARDEN CITY OF PORT HARCOURT, RIVERS STATE NIGERIA 2022-08-02T16:36:05+00:00 AKOLOH-ISAAC, JOSEPHINE TIMIPRE EKEKE, JOHN NDUBUEZE <p>The study examined the effect of&nbsp; Visitor Attraction (VA)marketing attributes (support services and activities)&nbsp; and tourists’ behavioural intentions in the tourism sector in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The descriptive survey research generated primary data from a sample of 100 tourists/visitors who patronised the VAs selected for the study using a well-structured questionnaire containing nine items, with five demographic items. To validate the four hypothesised relationships, inferential statistics were conducted with the help of the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The result of the inferential statistical analysis showed that the two VA &nbsp;marketing attributes individually had a direct positive significant effect on tourists'/customers behavioural intentions. The study concluded that support services constitute an important factor that determines customers’ behavioural intentions such as revisiting the VAs for touristic purposes.&nbsp; It is recommended that entrepreneurs managing VA&nbsp; should identify, evaluate and provide support services at their sites based on their target market needs. Academic and practitioners’ implications are provided.</p> 2022-08-02T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##