The influence of the Drama stage and Tuong on the Cai Luong stage

  • Nguyen Thi Lan M.A
Keywords: Drama stage, Tuong stage, Cai Luong stage, affection


Cai Luong is a type of theater art that is interested in many researchers, writers and artists, and there have been many research works written on Cai Luong's theater art. However, the authors have almost only mentioned management issues, management methods and the history of formation as well as the development process of this art without any research on the influence of this art. Tuong and stage Drama refers to the Cai Luong stage. In the framework of the article, the author would like to briefly introduce the influence of Tuong and Drama stages on the Cai Luong stage - an important influence for Cai Luong art to have its complete appearance today. Besides, the author also would like to briefly review Cai Luong's art in Thanh Hoa - one of the rare localities that still preserve this art.


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Author Biography

Nguyen Thi Lan M.A

Thanh Hoa University of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam


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