• Vu Van Binh M.A. Thanh Hoa University of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam
Keywords: Sea islands, responsibility, student, consciousness education, Vietnam


The sea and islands of Vietnam are a sacred part of the homeland. Through thousands of years of history, the sea and islands in the mind of the Vietnamese people are the country, the life in which many generations and ancients poured blood and sacrifice their lives to build, preserve and develop. In recent years, the East Sea issue is under very complicated disputes that directly affect the sovereignty of the sea and islands of Vietnam. Communist Party and the State of Vietnam consistently affirmed: Vietnam is a sovereign, territorial integrity country, including the sea and islands, is sacred and inviolable. The protection of sovereignty over the sea and islands is a key task, which is the responsibility of the entire Party, the entire citizens, and the entire army; among all residents, young generation and students are important forces. Therefore, we need to promote the solidarity strength of the entire nation including the political system, and the young generation is the core force in the defense of sea and island sovereignty of the country.


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