GPH - International Journal Of Computer Science and Engineering 2020-06-30T11:27:40+00:00 MOHD MUSTAQUE Open Journal Systems <p style="font-family: Comic Sans MS;">Subjects covered in Computer Science and Engineering include: Computer Science;→ Scientific Computing; Wireless Networking; Network Modelling; Computational Science &amp; Engineering; Theoretical Computer Science; Biosystems Engineering; Machine Learning; Systems Biology &amp; Bioinformatics; Biostatistics; Data Mining; Data Analysis; Internet Computing &amp; Web Services; Information System Engineering; Quantum Computing; Nano Computing; Soft Computing; Artificial Intelligence; Digital Signal Processing, Cloud Computing; Robotics; Computer Graphics; Information Science; Medical Image Computing; Natural language Processing; Evolutionary Computation.</p> The BANKING SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATIVE EFFICIENCY; 2020-06-30T11:27:40+00:00 Dr Patrick N Nwinyokpugi Nelson Alaorubo Elizabeth <p>Traditional approach in organizational communication where energy is dissipated on paperwork and movement of persons from location to location has become burden to administration and cost to sustainability. This cross-sectional study therefore investigates the relationship thatelectronic communicationhas on administrative efficiency of the banking sector in Rivers State.A survey of the active and registered commercial banks in Rivers State revealed that a total of 22 banks are in operation. However, due to the spread of the banks across the states, fourteen accessible banks were sampled using the convenient sample approached. Therefore, a census of&nbsp; 15 senior officers from each of the banks given a total of 210 respondents was derived.&nbsp; These 15 represented the heads of department of the banks sampled for the study.&nbsp; Administration of instrument revealed that 198 respondents actively participated in the survey&nbsp;&nbsp; A five-point Likert scale questionnaire was designed to extract primary data from 198 active respondents. This instrument was subjected to a reliability test using the Cronbach alpha reliability test &nbsp;on a 95% confidence level. Hypothetical statements were raised and tested. The Pearson moment correlation coefficients statistical tool was used to analyse the tests of hypotheses and results derived showed positive significant relationship between the dimensions of electronic communication and the measures of admin8istrative efficiency in the studied industry. The findings from this study revealed that electronic communication correlated positively and significantly with administrative efficiency. Therefore, the study recommended that an enhanced and upgraded electronic communication systemshould be adopted in the bank9ng sector so that the full benefits of administrative efficiency can be derived for the bank and her customers in Rivers State.</p> 2020-06-30T11:26:40+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##