What is the share of balanced quality feed?

  • Savalan Seyfaddinov Senior Researcher, Doctor of Philosophy in Agrarian Sciences, Honored Agricultural Worker of the Republic Balanslaşdırılmış keyfiyyətli yem payı nəyə qadirdir
Keywords: livestock, coarse feed, quality, strong feed, silage, haylage, root crops, feed source, provitamin A, breed


The development of livestock in the country, increasing production, improving quality depends on the creation of a quality fodder base and the feeding of livestock with full-fledged feed rations.It is known that in most farms of the republic the fodder base of cattle is mainly coarse fodder (dry grass, straw), the specific weight is about 80-85%, and strong fodder. Silage, haylage and root crops, which are of special importance in the feed share, are not used. During the winter, cattle consume an average of 30-35% of digestible protein, 20-25% of macronutrients, 40-50% of micronutrients and 50-60% of carotene (provitamin A) per unit of energy feed. Sex, age, fertility indicators, etc. in the feeding of animals. full-value feed rations balanced with nutrients (protein, minerals, vitamins) are drawn up without taking into account, and the optimal ratio of nutrients in the feed rations is forgotten.Currently, the main problem in animal husbandry is the renewal of animals with full-fledged feed rich in quality nutrients. We must not forget that high-yielding camels are brought to our republic from other countries.Summer pastures are the most suitable and indispensable source of fodder in the country for feeding animals with the above-mentioned high-quality nutrients, feeding them in favorable (cool) climates and providing them with pure and clean drinking water.

The subalpine and alpine meadows used as pastures have up to 1,000 very valuable fodder plants. Vegetation contains about 50% of legumes.Summer pastures in the country are not only a source of fodder, but also a source of nutrients that play a special role in the animal body and ensure quality.

Therefore, achieving the set goals in the field of animal husbandry, improving the management of the field - protection of pastures, which are an indispensable and high-quality source of fodder to increase efficiency, increase productivity is one of the main tasks of relevant organizations and pasture users.


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