Universes symmetries for energies

  • Gudrun Kalmbach H.E


From the research for particles in physics it is clear that discrete symmetries guide their existence. One Higgs boson H1 is found on particle base, gravitational waves GRW are found. There is a particle-wave duality postulated in physics. Hence H1 needs a frequency and GRW a particle presentation. Studying the four basic forces of physics, mass and gravity GR has not a special symmetry. The standard model of physics adds to the weak interaction WI the SU(2) symmetry, to the strong interaction the SI SU(3) symmetry and to the electromagnetic interaction EMI a circle U(1). In developing shapes and geometries for the particles of U(1), SU(2), SU(3) it is clear that the standard model relates on the number of generators for its symmetry. The purpose of this article is to look at suitable geometries in different dimensions and for noncommutative measures which can include also gravity and mass such that the standard model can be extended as a well-understood old theory. Some modifiactions are necessary since for instance neutral leptons are found having mass and some old claims have been that they have mass 0.


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